The idea of RAISING THE BAR started when the 2017 California County Health Rankings were released showing that Marin is ranked higher than 90% of the counties in California for excessive drinking rates. Research indicates that youth are starting alcohol and drug use at an increasingly younger age and that parents play a significant role in their children’s decisions regarding alcohol.(1)(2)


The RAISING THE BAR campaign, a collaboration with the Marin Prevention Network, aims to elevate kids’ experience in youth-oriented programs by changing the social norms around the consumption of alcohol and other substances. Parents, program directors, and community members work together to promote healthy choices and keep youth events substance-free. This campaign is not focused on eliminating adult alcohol use from our community; rather we would like to be mindful of our substance use behavior at youth-oriented events.


We hope that you join in RAISING THE BAR and support local youth organizations, sports teams and parents to positively influence community norms!


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