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RAISING THE BAR is a campaign aimed to elevate the experience of Marin youth during youth-centered events by changing the social norms around adult alcohol consumption and substances use in the event environments. While the campaign does not intend to eliminate adult alcohol use from our community, it does want adults to model enjoyment, entertainment and delight in alcohol- and substance-free environments at youth-oriented events.


RAISING THE BAR was first developed in 2017 by Marin Healthy Youth Partnership in collaboration with Marin Prevention Network when in California County Health Rankings Marin’s excessive drinking rate was found higher than 90% of the State’s 58 counties.[1] In Marin underage substance use is also comparatively high and research shows that parents play a significant role in their children’s decisions regarding alcohol.[2]


Currently 18 youth sport clubs and high schools and 8 coalitions are participating in RAISING THE BAR. With the RAISING THE BAR Toolkit, these Member Organizations encourage parents to be positive role models that have a good time without drinking or using substances when participating in youth events.


To join RAISING THE BAR and support local youth organizations, sports teams and parents to positively influence community norms, please contact us.




“This partnership is essential for us as adults to present as positive role models for our youth. Our young people receive a lot of messaging about alcohol being the solution to the stress or as the only means to have fun. It is vital that we display behavior that counters that messaging and demonstrates healthy means of managing stress and enjoying ourselves.”

Dr. Tara Taupier, TUHSD Superintendent

“There’s no requirement or reason for alcohol to be included/available at any event, private or public. Fun and socializing can happen without drinking being part of them, and that’s what we want to model for our kids. So as a community, why not establish a baseline that is all kid-centered.”

- Katie Rice, Marin County District 2 Supervisor


"I really appreciate your timely email about (Raising the Bar)... I remember my mom cold-stopped smoking after one viewing of the commercial (around 1960) of a little boy copying his dad - dressing like he did, going fishing with him, casting his line, etc and then reaching for a cigarette after his dad did. Kids naturally follow the path of their parents ... I was just so glad to see this message from all of you as it carries the message of care and love for our kids at this most vulnerable time in their lives, perhaps - not really kids any more but far from being grown up…"

- Marin Catholic Parent



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